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wk ending 9.2.18

Internet Safety Day and Snow
On Tuesday, the children took part in the national Internet Safety Day where they extended their learning of staying safe online. The children worked in groups during the session and were given a question to explore related to real life scenarios. They were given two minutes to explore ideas and jot these on the sheet, and they were then given a different one. After completing the activity several times, the children then presented their sheet with suggestions to the class and the children then came to a common agreement of how to tackle each issue. This was a fast paced, fun activity and I was impressed with the quality of their responses.
The snow, fortunately, didn't bring our school to a grinding halt when we experienced the wintry weather, but the children still got to enjoy going outside and play in the white stuff. For some it was the first time they had seen snow, and this made the last week of term all the more special!